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New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Needs No Delay



Faced with the current severe epidemic situation, the prevention and control of the "new coronavirus pneumonia" epidemic is a matter of great concern to the public. The medical workers around the world give their lives, the emergency production and deployment of medical consumables and supplies, the overtime stocking and loading of medical equipment manufacturers, all parties are united in their efforts to win this war without smoke.





The device is equipped with a 22-inch professional medical LCD touch display with a protection level of IPX7. It can be directly sterilized with alcohol. It is particularly convenient for disinfection when the protective clothing is currently worn. Control, high sensitivity, precise interaction can be achieved when wearing latex gloves, which can not only facilitate operation but also reduce cross infection. Chinese display interface, easy to operate, easy to operate and use by medical staff in various departments. The device is a flat-panel ultrasound, light and portable, equipped with convex array and linear array probes, which can perform real-time inspection of patients with pneumonia in different environments in all aspects. The main unit and cart are equipped with large-capacity batteries, which can ensure emergency use in the absence of AC power, suitable for emergency situations during rescue.

Camelmen fight together

TRU200's unique remote diagnosis and treatment function is convenient for use in a variety of environments, such as hospital consultation, transportation hub screening, out-of-hospital emergency, conference training, and perioperative use. After the device creates a virtual room, doctors can enter the room through the mobile APP, which can accommodate up to 50 people for remote consultation, which can achieve the purpose of diagnosis and treatment, while protecting the safety of consultation experts and reducing the risk of infection, especially suitable for use in major epidemics. Secondly, if the key prevention and control hospitals in cities across the country need remote diagnosis and treatment assistance, they can also connect experts from Ruijin Hospital, Xijing Hospital, and West China Hospital through TRU200 ultrasound to achieve the purpose of remote consultation.

In the face of this new coronavirus, ultrasound has the advantages of non-invasive and rapid, especially in the diagnosis of lung diseases. The remote diagnosis and treatment function of the TRU200 intelligent cloud ultrasound TRU200 can quickly gather expert resources. , The diagnosis and treatment of new coronavirus is more time-sensitive, so that the treatment is more timely. Camelman Ultrasound is ready to join hands with the majority of medical staff to fight the virus and make its own efforts for the motherland's medical treatment!

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