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Ultrasound examination of lungs, \"bat\" has nothing to escape



In the current special period, the new coronavirus pneumonia is the topic that everyone is most concerned about. It is reported that the virus originates from the bats sold in the Wuhan seafood market, and the video of bats circulating on the Internet. . However, in the ultrasound examination of the lungs, there is also a special sonogram, which looks like a "bat" and is called a bat sign. It is a more commonly used ultrasound scan of the lungs. Today, let's understand the ultrasound of the lungs "Bat sign".

First of all, let ’s first understand the characteristics of lung ultrasound "bat sign":

The so-called "bat sign" is that the pleural line and the upper and lower ribs are displayed in the same section, which looks like a "bat". This section can observe A line, B line, pleural sliding sign, etc. It is one of the more commonly used lung ultrasound scanning sections.

Let's study the scanning method of "bat sign":

1. Choose the probe according to the patient's situation. Children, newborns and thin patients can choose high-frequency linear array probes, adults can choose convex array probes.

2. The probe is longitudinally cut on the two ribs along the sagittal plane, and the angle is adjusted to be perpendicular to the intercostal space. The marked point of the ultrasound probe points to the head side, sliding from the head to the foot perpendicular to the intercostal space, most of the pleura and lungs can be observed Happening.

Camelman Ultrasound Product Solution

Camel TRU200 intelligent cloud ultrasound uses high-quality convex array and linear array probes. The imaging is clear, and the lung lesions can be clearly and accurately displayed, which is helpful for doctors to diagnose lung diseases. The device adopts fully-fitted professional medical and LCD fully-fitted touch panels. It is still responsive when wearing gloves, which helps prevent cross infection. Moreover, the unique remote diagnosis and treatment function of the main TRU200 ultrasound can realize the sharing of expert resources and help diagnose the epidemic. It can connect experts in Ruijin Hospital, West China Hospital and Xijing Hospital in real time to realize online remote consultation.

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